Reshaping the Idea of Disability

Eliminating barriers for Hoosiers with disabilities since 1985

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Business Services

Disability inclusion support for your business.

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Client Rights Video

Helps people create and sustain positive life change.

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Disability Services

Tangram is committed to helping persons living with disability realize the full spectrum of life experiences.

About Tangram

Our Mission: 

Tangram supports people with disabilities by designing services to meet their specific needs and desires. We assist them to live full, meaningful, and happy lives, at home and as members of their community. Tangram joins with community partners to create inclusive and sustainable solutions to challenges faced by those impacted by disabilities.

Our Core Values:

We have amazing enthusiasm for supporting people in leading lives of joy.

We challenge our own thinking and explore new ways for helping people achieve their personal outcomes.

We believe the people we serve are strong, brave and determined citizens.