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Building an Inclusive Culture

Disability Inclusion Training

Disability inclusive practices are an integral part of an overall diversity and inclusion strategy. Tangram Business Resourcing knows workplaces that successfully adopt and sustain diversity and inclusion practices are able to do so because they have invested in the right training. Training provides the necessary knowledge and tools to sustain change and foster a more productive, inclusive, creative, and respectful workplace and workforce.

Tangram Business Resourcing specializes in disability inclusion training and consultation to support your organization’s overall diversity and inclusion efforts. Our training solutions are customizable and flexible to meet your organization needs.

Our training sessions use a blended training approach, including interactive, hands-on, small group discussion, group activities, lecture, and short videos. Our expert consultants and trainers will empower your organization to build successful business strategies that include disability inclusion within your overall diversity strategies.

Our menu of training sessions and workshops includes the following (click each to jump to a longer description):