Training for Managers

Disability Inclusion Training for Managers and Supervisors

This training session is available for a two-hour session to a full-day workshop. The training provides customizable content to build disability inclusion into the organization's diversity strategies. The training gives guidance and actionable steps for becoming a champion in building disability inclusive team and also gives the essential knowledge and tools for adopting inclusive practices and behaviors. By participating in this training, supervisors and managers will develop key leadership skills in interviewing, communicating with, and supervising people with disabilities--skill sets which are essential in a comprehensive diversity and inclusion environment. Supervisors and managers walk away with meaningful and impactful action plans ready to implement by the end of the training.

In this training, participants will:

  • Address fear and stigma and provide solutions to overcome
  • Understand how to leverage disability talent for innovation and engagement
  • Gain a better understanding of inclusive cultures
  • Identify barriers that may exist and how to overcome these barriers
  • Become more effective in hiring, managing, and promoting people with disabilities
  • Understand the ROI of the disability inclusion
  • Learn about inclusive practices when planning special events, programs, and presentations
  • Assessing current state of disability inclusion and strategic directions to advance disability inclusion within the organization's diversity strategies*
  • Building a blueprint for disability inclusion*

*full-day workshops only