Training for Leaders

Disability Inclusion Training for Executive Leaders

The Executive Leaders Training Session is a one-to-two-hour training session. This training session will provide your organization's executive leader(s) with the knowledge and fundamental understanding of disability inclusion to support the overall vision and mission of your organization. Participants will understand how to leverage disability inclusion as a strategy to accomplish diversity and inclusion goals, ensuring that resources, structures, and activities are in alignment with the business objectives. The session will explore how the workforce, workplace and marketplace impacts people with disabilities.

In this training, participants will:

  • Identify the importance of Executive Leadership in the disability inclusion process
  • Understand the ROI of disability inclusion in the workplace and marketplace
  • Examine the impact of including people with disabilities in diversity efforts
  • Discuss and agree on how to embed continued communication of disability inclusion*
  • Discuss and agree on how to implement comprehensive, ongoing diversity and inclusion trainings that includes disabilities awareness*
  • Identify and set clear boundaries around bias to create a culture of trust and safety*
  • Learn about fear and stigma and explore possible solutions to overcome these
  • Identify how to become an employer of choice

*included in two hour session