The Onboarding Process

Tangram Business Resourcing helps you create a comprehensive onboarding process with realistic goals and timelines to:

  • reduce new employee anxiety,
  • allow for easier assimilation,
  • establish performance expectations, and
  • set the course for career development and advancement.

Tangram's disability consultants structure successful learning environments that support your employees as they transition to their new environment and ensure successful job performance.

Job Aids and Accommodations

As experienced disability consultants, Tangram Business Resourcing helps you and your employees identify and create reasonable, cost-effective workplace accommodations and job aids for individuals with disabilities.

We train your employees in needed job skills as well as social, communication, and self-advocacy skills—all designed to facilitate behaviors that are appropriate for job success. And we help you develop and maintain comprehensive safety and disaster preparedness plans to ensure the safety and well-being of your entire workforce.

For more information on Tangram Business Resourcing's business consulting services, contact us at tbr@thetangramway.org or call (317) 968-9024. Or fill out the form here and we will contact you about options for training and consulting services.