Mission Moments

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photo of Doris and Jane in front of a horse statue in Nashville, TN

June 2022

selfie of JackJer

April 2022

photo of Brad and Rita in front of a large fish mural

March 2022

photo of John at work

February 2022

photo of Brian

January 2022

group of volunteers from Gibson Insurance

December 2021

selfie of Mandi and Connie

November 2021

photo of Chris with pumpkin

October 2021

two women pose in luau clothing under an Aloha sign

September 2021

photo features an older Caucasian man in a white t-shirt sitting next to an African American woman on the beach and smiling for the camera.

August 2021

two older men riding a tram and looking around

July 2021

young man smiles and gives two thumbs up as he stands in front of a YMCA sign

June 2021

young man stands on the front porch of a house and holds up a key

April 2021

two older men stand on either side of a vehicle with it's liftgate open, full of boxes.

April 2021

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