Mission Makers

Mission Makers

Meet the people who carry out Tangram's mission every day: our employees! And, if you would like to learn how you can make a difference for people with disabilities, check out our Careers Page to see current open positions, or view our Volunteer Page to see Tangram's volunteer opportunities.

Alesha Daniels

Alesha is a Direct Support Professional who joined Tangram two years ago. She was drawn to Tangram and the DSP position because she enjoys helping people. Alesha says working directly with people and helping them accomplish goals is a passion of hers and her role at Tangram allows her to do this. Another benefit to Alesha working at Tangram is the relevant experience she is gaining for her long-term career goals, which is to become a Special Education Teacher or Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Outside of her work at Tangram Alesha values every moment she gets to spend with her children. Tangram is grateful for Alesha’s dedication to her clients and our mission. 

Aaron Margolis-Greenbaum

Aaron started with Tangram in 2019 as a Community Resource Professional where he assists clients in exploring opportunities in the community. Aaron was drawn to the work so he could help people who are Deaf, just like he is. He likes being able to help people and enjoys being able to hang out with his clients and find ways for them to enjoy their time in the community. Outside of Tangram Aaron enjoys watching movies and making movies along with reading and exercising. He has many passions and hopes to continue growing all of them. Tangram is proud to have Aaron as a part of our team.  

Bobbie LeMere

Bobbie has been with Tangram since January 2017. In her role as an Employment Consultant, Bobbie works with people with disabilities to discover career pathways and obtain competitive employment. She came to Tangram because of the opportunity to help any client with a disability overcome obstacles and barriers to succeed in whatever they do and have a job like everyone else. She enjoys the flexibility of the position and learning new things to improve services for her clients. Bobbie enjoys traveling, camping, and bicycling and she plans to continue to work as an employment consultant until she retires. Bobbie is a valued member of the Tangram team and our community.

Jauna Stewart

Jauna Stewart is a Direct Support Professional at Tangram, a position she has held since 2015. She was drawn to Tangram and our mission through her desire to help people, particularly those with disabilities. Jauna has said that she greatly enjoys watching her clients grow and achieve their goals, and how this position has helped her grow as a person. Jauna’s interests include cosmetology, and she is hoping to go back to school so she can become a behavior specialist or pursue case management. Jauna’s creativity and passion makes her a cherished part of the Tangram community.

Michaela Gray

Michaela Gray is a Community Resource Professional for Tangram. In her role she assists her clients put into practice skills they have been working on in various community settings. Michaela is also a Special Education Paraeducator at Washington Township schools and found her work at Tangram allows her to expand her knowledge and skills by helping people with disabilities outside the classroom. She states she is very passionate about making sure her clients are having a genuine and exciting time while participating in activities out in their community and personally finds joy when they achieve goals. She gives her team lead, Jennie Hehe, credit for helping her succeed in her role and believes the individualized work she does with her clients will help her as she works toward becoming a behavioral specialist for in a school system. Outside of Tangram Michaela enjoys spending her weekends boating at the lake, painting, and traveling. Michaela is making a difference in her clients’ lives and is a valued member of Tangram’s team. 

Mary Granger

Mary Granger is a long-term valued employee of Tangram, having started her career as a Direct Support Professional in 2011. She came to Tangram looking for a new career path, desiring a different type of work than what she had been doing. Working with our clients fulfilled many of Mary’s work wishes, allowing her to be hands on in her work and use her creativity. Outside of Tangram, Mary enjoys many hobbies and is taking classes to get her Master’s degree so she will be able to further help people in her work. Tangram is grateful for Mary’s many years of service and values her contributions to our community.

Zinna Mensah-Zoe

Zinna is affectionately known as Mr. Zee at Tangram. He has worked for the company for more than 15 years as a Direct Support Professional typically at sites where clients with complex needs live. The secret to his success is treating everyone with respect and following through on his word. In the words of his supervisor, "He lets client needs guide his every action. He makes clients feel listened to and valued." 

Michelle Maio-Venezia

Michelle Venezia is a Nurse Manager at Tangram. She was drawn to Tangram while job hunting in 2013 because of our ranking as one of the best places to work. Michelle is very passionate about her work, enjoying how our work allows her to have direct patient contact and deep interactions with her co-workers. Her passion helped Tangram tremendously during the COVID-19 pandemic as Michelle took on additional responsibilities and spearheaded many efforts to keep our clients and staff healthy. Michelle wants to continue providing nursing care until she retires, and then plans to enjoy more of her favorite activities such as reading, spending time with her family, and being outdoors. Tangram appreciates Michelle’s dedication and is grateful to have her on our team.

Olivia Owen

Olivia is approaching her one year anniversary with Tangram as a Community Resource Professional. Olivia has always had a passion for working with people with disabilities and was drawn to Tangram because of our reputation in the community. She appreciates how supported she is by her Tangram co-workers and supervisors and the flexibility of the job. One of the things Olivia says she most enjoys is the way her clients greet her when she arrives for work. Olivia greatly loves what she does and says she can see herself working at Tangram for many years. Tangram is proud of Olivia’s work and also hopes she is with us for many years. 

Pam Julian

Pam enjoys being a problem solver, which is one of the many reasons why she is excellent in her role as a Direct Support Professional. Pam worked in the medical field for 32 years and joined Tangram after retiring from that industry. She wanted to find a role where she could still provide care and found through her research that Tangram had one of the best reputations in our field. She is grateful that Tangram allows her opportunities to work with many clients of varying abilities, saying she feels satisfied and like she has made a difference when her day is done. Outside of work, Pam enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, playing bingo, bowling, attending movies, and solving puzzles. Pam plans to work for Tangram as long as she is able, and we are grateful to have her as part of our team. 

More Mission Makers coming soon!

More Mission Makers coming soon!