Job Seekers

Competitive, sustainable employment is your goal, and we can help.

What employment services does Tangram offer?

Tangram is committed to helping individuals find competitive, sustainable employment where they can use their individual talents and skills to succeed. As a state Vocational Rehabilitation provider, Tangram’s team of employment services professionals works with our clients to identify their employment goals, conduct skills assessments, assist with job readiness, and provide job search and on-the-job support—tailored to the unique needs of each person.

Our commitment to you

When you choose Tangram to provide your employment supports, you benefit from our over 30 years of experience in disability services and a demonstrated track record of success in navigating the business landscape. Our team is comprised of professionals who are dedicated to achieving high-quality employment outcomes for job seekers with disabilities. 

Here are some of the advantages of working with Tangram:

  • Employment Consultants with extensive training and relevant certifications
  • An Employment Consultant specializing in serving the deaf community
  • Excellent partnerships with local and national businesses
  • In-depth understanding of government benefits
  • A focus on finding quality employment based on personalized employment plans

For more information, please contact Curt Sutterfield, Assistant Director of Employment Initiatives at (317) 968-9114 or

Call toll-free at 800-652-3120

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