Community Living

At Tangram, we empower individuals living with disability to move beyond the perceived physical and social barriers that seem to limit their choices—and their lives. Establishing independence is an essential life component. Tangram develops customized support to ensure that each individual can experience the full spectrum of living. This personally-tailored support builds a framework of activities, objectives, and techniques that are specific to, and supportive of, each individual.

Tangram fosters self-sufficiency, involving individuals in decisions about every aspect of their lives, such as:

  • gainful employment
  • activities or hobbies
  • healthy lifestyles
  • companionship

Our clients’ happiness and well-being are our primary concern. Tangram is committed to the dignity of every individual through community involvement and relationships—creating lives of meaning and purpose.

Contact Peter Zubler for more information: 317-968-9045