Behavioral Consulting

As part of Tangram's holistic approach for serving persons living with disability, we provide Behavioral Consultation and Training, utilizing positive behavior supports. Our approach begins with a thorough functional behavioral assessment (FBA) for the individual. We then develop a uniquely customized behavioral support plan (BSP), with a focus on teaching replacement behaviors, including both proactive and reactive behavioral strategies. After completing the BSP, we offer training to help the individual and their support team implement the plan. Objective data is collected to measure ongoing effectiveness and provide continuing expertise and guidance. 

Our philosophy

Tangram is committed to helping each individual we serve realize their personal goals and achieve overall wellness. Our CARF-accredited Behavioral Consulting team is comprised of professionals with Master’s level degrees in areas such as Social Work, Special Education, and Psychology/Counseling, who have a passion for helping our clients grow and thrive.

Our philosophy for behavior services is backed by our belief in the effectiveness of positive behavior supports. We focus on improving quality of life within the scope of our clients’ long-range vision for their lives. We also seek to minimize stressful situations and give our clients power over their lives.

Find out how Behavioral Consulting Services, added to existing teams and services, can provide more comprehensive support in increasing independence. 

Contact Stephanie Buttler for more information: 317-968-9034